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Major Gym Brands Partner with Gymscanner

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Gymscanner.com, the leading online platform for gym memberships and gym tourist plans, is proud to announce partnerships with major gym brands including Gold’s Gym, My Gym, Platinum Fitness, F45, The Little Gym, and UFC Gym among others. These strategic collaborations mark a significant milestone in the fitness industry, providing gym enthusiasts with convenient access to a wide range of fitness centers and workout options.

Gymscanner.com has emerged as a trusted platform that revolutionizes the way individuals search for and purchase gym memberships and gym tourist plans. By connecting users with an extensive network of fitness facilities, Gymscanner.com empowers individuals to make informed decisions, conveniently book memberships, and explore different workout experiences.

These partnerships provide a seamless and user-friendly online experience, enabling individuals to compare pricing, facilities, and amenities to find the perfect gym that aligns with their fitness goals and preferences. Furthermore, with such major brands choosing Gymscanner as their online platform of choice, it brings a global dimension to their reach and exposure.

“We are thrilled to welcome big names such as Gold’s Gym, My Gym, Platinum Fitness, F45, The Little Gym, and UFC Gym to the Gymscanner.com family,” said Joanna Jozwiak, PR Manager of Gymscanner.com. “Their commitment to quality fitness offerings and dedication to customer satisfaction aligns perfectly with our vision to provide a comprehensive and accessible online platform for fitness enthusiasts worldwide.”

Gymscanner.com’s advanced search functionality allows users to filter gyms based on location, amenities, class schedules, and more. This innovative feature enables individuals to discover gyms conveniently, whether they are local residents or tourists seeking a workout during their travels. Through the platform, users can now easily access and purchase gym memberships and gym tourist plans from these major gym brands, expanding their fitness options with just a few clicks.

With the company’s aim to become the one-stop for everything fitness globally, the platform is heavily investing in expanding to personal trainers, sports supplements, fitness events tickets, sponsored ads on the platform, and fitness exhibitions that will be rolled out in phases over the next quarter.

In line with its rapid growth and expansion plans, Gymscanner.com is excited to announce its current initiative to raise investment in its Series A funding round. The company seeks to secure additional resources to further develop its platform, expand its reach to new markets, and enhance user experience through technological advancements.

“We believe that our strategic partnerships with major gym brands have positioned Gymscanner.com as a leader in the fitness industry. Now, as we enter the next phase of our growth, we are actively seeking investment to fuel our expansion plans,” stated Randy Ali, Founder and CEO of Gymscanner.com. “We invite potential investors who share our vision of making fitness accessible to all to join us on this exciting journey.”

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