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It gives us tremendous pleasure to announce that the 13th edition of Muscle by Gymscanner magazine will, for the first time, feature a gym on the cover. And that gym is X Fitness Singapore.

If you’ve been a reader of Muscle magazine, then you will probably know that we usually highlight strong athletes and fitness influencers from all over the world. But as Gymscanner evolves to become a global brand, our foray into Singapore will mark with the launch of Muscle by Gymscanner magazine with focus on Singapore gyms, trainers and everything fitness.

“It was always my dream to expand our presence in Singapore as its the prime market for digital fitness and sports in the world,” said Randy Ali, Founder and CEO of Gymscanner. “The cooperation and response we’ve had from Singapore has been amazing and strengthened our resolve to deepen our involvement in Singapore fitness.”

“The Singapore fitness industry is very resilient. It has repeatedly bounced back from the setbacks of COVID-19 and now poised to be better than before. Gymscanner is privileged to cover this renewal and shine a spotlight on gyms and personal trainers in Singapore,” said Dr. Naser AlZamanan, Co-Founder and Chairman of Gymscanner.com.

Singapore has always been our dream market.

Our foray into Singapore.

With original content and articles, Muscle by Gymscanner is fast becoming the ultimate pop Culture Fitness magazine for the young millennials. Read by over 1 million users and free to download from https://muscle.gymscanner.com/downloads

About Gymscanner.com
Gymscanner is the global platform for gyms and personal trainers to sell gym memberships, personal trainer plans and gym tourist passes online. Available as website and mobile apps, the platform now has close to 2000 partners from 40+ countries.

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