Gymscanner Press Release

The current Vendor Dashboard is a market improvement over the previous version and greatly streamlines the signup process. is proud to announce its vendor onboarding dashboard is now available in 190 countries and 10+ languages.

Gyms and personal trainers from almost any part of the world can create an account, publish their plans and start selling online in less than 10 minutes. Signup is easy, fast and made for speed.

With no signup fee or monthly charges, the vendor dashboard is sure to attract gyms and personal fitness trainers from all over the world and make it THE destination for the fitness industry to sell plans online.

The vendor dashboard is built on AWS infrastructure and payments powered by And the best part is: nearly 1600 gyms and personal trainers from 50+ countries have already created their profile on Gymscanner.

The vendor dashboard can be accessed at

VIARandy Ali
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